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How to make this show stopping Christmas cake!

Posted on 04 Dec 2017

So, you fancy having a crack at this very impressive 3 tier Christmas cake! Well I’ll let you into a secret, it’s not nearly as hard as it looks but we’re keep that between ourselves, shall we?

The Showstopper Collection

Posted on 15 Dec 2016

Sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem, sometimes that's good, sometimes not, but when it comes to our SHOWSTOPPER WEDDING CAKE COLLECTION, take it from me its good!

Wedding cake recipes, the classics

Posted on 28 Nov 2016

There is an old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ and that’s my view when it comes to cake flavours. You may think I’m being a bit of an old stick in the mud but I have very sound reasons for thinking that way and many years of cake making experience to back my feelings

Getting to grips with piping!

Posted on 15 Feb 2016

It is my belief that a true cake decorator knows how to pipe in any edible medium from buttercream to royal icing!

Worth the Wait?

Posted on 17 Dec 2015

This site has been a long time coming and there are many reasons for that. I hope as you browse through the pages and products there is one thing that will stand out to you more than on any other site you may visit, especially a cake site…..